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(Travel Time: 10 Hs Approx; 4 hours asphalt, the remaining in good conditions)
(Cotahuasi Canyon is one of the deepest in the world.  3,535 m depth ( 11,597 feet)

06:00: Departure from Arequipa, the big MAJES Valley, famous for its crops of rice, fruit, its wine and pisco, the river is the same Colca river which changes its name, is also famous for its delicious shrimp. Continue towards  the high valley, beautiful view of the rock formation called The Enchanted Castle, Traditional village of Chuquibamba (Until there is paved, then dirt road), this town is known for its agriculture and production of dairy cattle by beef and lots of agriculture, We continue the ascent on the road near the Rat River, we will appreciate a small Pre Inca citadel.
Pic - nic lunch. Then spectacular view of beautiful NEVADO Coropuna: 6425 m (21,000 Ft.)If you want to: A 15 minutes hike to see the LAGUNA PALLARCOCHA with spectacular scenery with the view of Coropuna Snowy, in route some vicunas and also some herds of llamas and alpacas; variety of birds, some wild animals such as foxes, skunks, vizcacha etc. Many high Andean vegetation, view of the Nevado SOLIMANA 6,093 m (19.990 Ft.). continue along the road adorned with some forests of Keñua (Maximum height in the route: 4700 m), suddenly at our feet a wonderful view of the large Valle of Cotahuasi, down a road for an hour to appreciate the enormous amount of terraces as a spectacular scenery.
16.00 Approx. Arrive in Cotahuasi (2300 m)(7,500 Ft.) Transfer to hotel.
Dinner and Accomodation.

DAY 2: SIPIA Waterfall, TOMEPAMPA and hot springs
Breakfast and at 07:00 departure for a one-hour trip, dirt road, vist some farms and an old hanging bridge and then another 50 minutes hike, area with a mild climate and an excellent exotic vegetation, orchards, crop fields, animals, etc, and a green landscape that contrasts with the rocky walls. Finally, an overwhelming show, at the bottom of the canyon we will see the huge waterfall of SIPIA, 160 m. deep with a deafening noise and exciting, as we will see the rainbow formed by the waterfall and its waters run into the background, also see the incredible majesty of the Canyon Cotahuasi. Walk back and move back to Cotahuasi. Lunch.
In the afternoon leave by asphalted road to visit the picturesque and very beautiful town of TOMEPAMPA at 20 minutes, with great scenery, located along the river Cotahuasi, cross the bridge, and visit the relaxing thermal pools of LUICHO temperature to 44 °. At the exit you can enjoy delicious and fresh river trout.
Return to Cotahuasi. Dinner and accommodation.

08:00 After breakfast departure by road to the village of Tomepampa, paved road course content for 30 minutes more until the FTAA pueblo de here every time we find a better landscape
Is a beautiful square with a beautiful climate, its old streets, fine mosntalas surrounding it, and so on. From there he continued for 1.30 hours by road to PUICA, this is one of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet, find the route many waterfalls of tens of meters high and fall of the beautiful green mountains, the river Cotahuasi that water runs along the bottom, some snow-capped mountains, birds, etc. People finally arrive in Puica this is certainly one of the most beautiful villages with a beautiful andenerías besides the ruins of Maucallaqta,
Picnic lunch by walking around Pica. In the afternoon return to Cotahuasi.

DAY 4: Cotahuasi / AREQUIPA.
07:00 Breakfast and return to Arequipa. Approximately Hs 17:00 arrival to Arequipa.

• Private car.
• Accommodation in hotel with private bathrooms and hot water.
• All meals throughout the route according to what is stated in the program.
• Continental breakfast + eggs.
• Professional bilingual guide.

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