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DURATION: 7 days / 6 nights
DAY 1:
Arequipa / Colca out in our car behind the snowy Chachani, vicunas national reserve of Aguada Blanca, pre-historic caves of mollepunku (short walk) Farellones view of the window known as the Colca, beautiful village and its church Sibayo ( colca only people in maintaining their ancestral architecture) town of Chivay, visit to the baths and hot springs of La Calera. hostel accommodation with private bathroom.
Lunch: picnic lunch and dinner.        
DAY 2:
Village of Yanque, Achoma and maca (Given the multitude of pre inca terraces still farmed with crops such as Andean potato. Corn, quinoa, kiwicha, etc., dress, hanging tombs, stone model); viewpoint Cruz del Condor (laprofundidad view of the canyon, flight of the condors / lookout Tapay (view to the people of the merits of the canyon), typical of people Cabanaconde.
Starting the trek:
Cabanaconde / down the Colca Canyon (ajpi) (6 hours trekking). (Camp along the river)
Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.          
DAY 3:
Rio Colca / climbing up the slope opposite to the village where only chocolate will arrive on foot or by mule, inter-valley view of the canyon, which also produces tunal cochineal. Other plants (trekking 4 to 5 hours) camp.
Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.                 
DAY 4:
Choco / climb to the village located near the mine opened in the beautiful mountains village (6 hours trekking), camp
Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.         
DAY 5:
Miña: beautiful view of the snowy Ampato, Sabancaya, chila Mountains, Cabanaconde etc. (step 5000 masl) queñual forest, small gaps. / Down to the people of chacha, spectacular view of Lake chacha located next to the town and its many pre-Inca andenerías adorn this beautiful place.
(7 hours trekking.) camp. (reunion with our car)
Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.                    
DAY 6:
Output in our mobility to find the valley of the volcanoes (in the village of Andagua located on volcanic ash), a number of volcanoes and lunar landscape of incredible beauty, waterfall and river Andagua, volcano lava pouring twins etc. (In hostel accommodation - house pension.)
Meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner.                      
DAY 7:
Andagua / town of Virac, spectacular view of the huge snow Coropuna, typical animals, llamas, alpacas, vizcachas, various birds, down to the coastal valley of majestic, characteristic for their crops of rice, beans and fruits, as well as river shrimp that will be tasted. (if you have time to visit the Toro Muerto petroglyphs in the desert) and return to Arequipa. (all day drive).
Meals: continental breakfast, and lunch.       
Specialized bilingual guide
Non-alcoholic beverages.
Full equipment: bi personal tents, isolators, kitchen, lamps, cooking utensils.
First aid kit.
Map and descriptive brochure.     

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