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03 DAYS / 02 NIGHTS.                  
TYPE:  trekking moderated / minimum equipment required                    
04:00 leave arequipa by car,  cañahuas fields, vicuñas national reserve, patapampa (4,800meters), chivay, capital of the colca valley, lookout of the cruz of the condor, lookout of tapay: see the villages of tapay, cosnihua and malata located at the bottom of the canyon, that we will visit in our trekking.                     
08:30 from cabanaconde village begin the descent trekking for the left riverbank of the canyon during three                 
Hours for a zig zag path  until the bottom of the canyon 1,200 m depth. (box lunch)                     
14:00 arrival to the river. In this point we will enjoy an incredible landscape and observe the canyon from their depths, besides of an excellent micro-climate, something tropical, very varied vegetation. Brief rest and then trekking of 2 hours crossing of the hanging bridge towards the other shore of the river to  san juan de chucchos.  Armed of camp site, a  hot dinner. Camping.                           
(if the service is in public / regular bus, doesn’t stop in cruz del condor, trip is direct to cabanaconde ; if the passengers want to get off in cruz del condor they will have to walk to cabanaconde about one  hour )                 
DAY 2: TAPAY                 
06:00 hs. Breakfast, beginning of the trekking climbing to tapay village (trekking of 1 hour), to this place people                           
Only goes on foot or mules. Typical colonial church and architecture and unique landscape. See  the snow mountain                
Sepregina and to the other side the enormous pick of  bomboia, if you want, walk one hour  until the pre-inca ruins                  
Of  old tapay: impressive view of the canyon from the other margin.                  
Return to tapay, lunch based on local plates, then  restart of the trekking for the  walls of the right riverbank through  the gulch of the snowy sepregina  mountain, and the towns of cosnihua and malata. 17:00 hs. We make a stop and we prepare camp.                  
Hot dinner and camping                             
DAY 3: CABANACONDE AREQUIPA                        
04:00 breakfast and  begin the trek, crossing the river again, this time for sangalle hanging bridge, and then ascent the slope of 4 hours towards cabanaconde there, our car will wait for us to move us to the town of chivay.                         
A good lunch in chivay, and if you  want visit the thermal springs of la calera and enjoy a relaxing hot bath in the pools. After this,  return to arequipa. Where we will arrive approximately at 18:30 hrs                         
(service in public bus is direct cabanaconde arequipa , bus stops some miniutes in chivay and other  villages only to drp & pick up passengers)
· Private car.  (or ticket in public bus)                    
· Bilingual specialized guide
· All meals.  03 breakfast, 03 lunch  (type box lunch ), 02 hot dinner.
· Wwater: 1.5 l per person per day.                       
· Complete equipment: bi personal tents, insulators, gas,  stove, lamps.
· First-aid kit .                   
· Map and explanatory pamphlet.                         
Lodging may be in tents, (camp) or basic lodge.                              
Do not includes:                            
- Porters or mules (only for foods, tents cooking equipments)
Optional:  overnight in chivay and return day 4                               
Public bus: gold tour is not responsible for the exact time of beginning of the trekking because            

Of times of arrival of public busses to its destination because they make various stops in several villages .

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